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The Search Engine WhispererTM

Nikki HM Jackson

Nikki HM Jackson is the most notable woman algorithmic internet marketer in the world today. She is a tireless and successful technical online advertising solutions marketer and trainer/educator for marketers whose marketing efforts have not proven profitable or who have decided to up their internet visibility and profitability game.

Since 1998 Nikki Jackson has served companies and institutions of all sizes: large, small, start-ups and non-profits alike; Law Enforcement, Higher Education, Real Estate, E-Commerce, Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Legal, Finance, Business Service Industries and Agencies.


Years of experience

Over two decades of experience creating, optimizing, and marketing website businesses.


Marketing apps developed

Four algorithmic marketing apps have been created to help manage your online budgets.

Increase Traffic, Sales & Leads Without Increasing Ad Spend

Using Nikki HM Jackson’s algorithmic optimization strategies and marketing apps, traffic, sales, and leads can easily increase without increasing your marketing budget.

Algorithmic Alignment

Search Engine Compliance for Your Website

Our PANTHER® software app works behind and through Google’s API managing core algorthim compliances directly aligning your PPC campaigns, adgroups, keywords, ads and landing page content with the principal qualifying factors of Google’s Quality Score Algorithm.

Search Engine Best Practices

Data-Driven Apps Aligned with Search Engine Algorithms

PANTHER® is a configurable sophisticated PPC software app & management system based on the Google Quality Score algorithm and is designed to deliver targeted market results, lower acquisition costs by generally up to 82%, and maintain those lowered costs.

No more need to build separate landing pages for every single keyword and ad group.

PANTHER® is totally “White Hat”, and a Google-compliant PPC proprietary software app and management system that effectively increases profit margins for any type of online or offline business.

PPC Credentials