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Quality Score Optimization

What is Quality Score and How to Improve It

If you want to maximize your AdWords performance, you’ll need to

focus on getting a high Quality Score.

However, most marketers and business people have found it extremely challenging to achieve this in the past. This was primarily because Google did not provide clear information on which quality score factors impacted your quality index.

Quality Score and why it’s important

Google uses a variety of factors while determining your Ad Rank, such as ad your bid extension data and your quality score. Your bid is the largest component of your ad ranking, while quality score holds second place. When you have a high quality score, some of the things that can happen include:

  • Drop in costs-per-click (CPCs)
  • Increase in average position

You now have visibility of these things. Your actual costs per click can vary, as you’re now competing with a different company in the AdWords auction. It means that if you are focused on raising your average position, but are unable to raise your bid, focus on raising your Quality Score.

Quality Score AdWords - the factors that affect it

The three primary factors influence Quality Scores are:

  • CTR (click-through)
  • Ad and landing page relevance
  • Quality of the ads, keywords and landing pages
  • Landing page experience

Now Google has made some changes to its quality score algorithm. Here we take a look what these changes are and which factors to focus on to raise your quality score. The API’s new version allows you to download every single Quality Score factor including its status (above average, below average, average) for each search keyword in the account. This makes it possible for you to analyze how Google weights these sub-factors while determining visible Quality Score.

Some highlights of this change are:

  • Reporting improvements
  • Improved batch processing
  • Managing customer accounts
  • Targeting

High Quality Score - the future of it

This API change has been a major one for most online marketers. Now it’s much easier to delve into every weak area, isolate it and view the common threads. This will help you focus on raising Quality Scores across your overall account. Lower costs per click translate to a higher ranking. With fewer ads showing on every page, this is one of the aspects to work on.

Managing an AdWords campaign successfully takes skill, some experience, and knowledge of Google’s workings and algorithms. It’s best to hire an expert online marketer for the job. For any questions or help with your Google Ads call or text Nikki direct at 949-689-5187.

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